Atlanta Art Blog seeks out the art of Atlanta. We prefer to focus on contemporary art. Sometimes we venture outside metropolitan Atlanta, but never for long. We prefer to take the time to reflect on the art before us, and we prefer our writing to embody that reflection. Sometimes the time for that is not available.

We look for the cracks in categories and the desire buried under conflict.

Our philosophy about writing about art is that it’s best to know everything about everything, which is art history at its best. It is also essential to manifest our own imagination in writing about others’ work.

Your suggestions are welcome.
You can contact us at bk.alex at hotmail.com.
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4 thoughts on “About

    1. Bryan Alexander Post author

      Hi, thanks for asking. Just send me info to my e-mail address: bk.alex (insert ‘at’ symbol) hotmail.com.

      I love learning about new stuff! It’s like having a special holiday breakfast.

    1. Bryan K. Alexander Post author

      Hi Opin, thanks for your request. We won’t be able to cover your show this time. We do wish you the best, and may you find all of the resources you need to keep moving forward.


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